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Zoltan Olah, Ph.D. the owner of Forget-Me-Not B2B Ltd., and Acheuron Ltd. that builds bioinformatics databases of scientific literatures to big companies, like Elsevier, has worked in the USA for 16 years, where 3 of his discoveries were patented by the US government. These discoveries were taken from the laboratory benches to clinical trials (Bench-to-Bedside (B2B)).

Dr. Olah has got his academic degree in the field of plant biology in the former socialist system (that required more scientific knowledge than to gain the degree of Ph.D.) in age 31, and became the youngest biologist in Hungary who had this degree. With this knowledge he had the chance to visit the National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD, USA in 1988. Recognizing his scientific qualities he was encouraged to stay longer than his original 2 years scholarship required, which resulted 3 US patents int he field of painkilling therapies. ( Methods of treating chronic pain, Selective ablation of pain-sensing neurons by administration of a vanilloid receptor agonist(1), Selective ablation of pain-sensing neurons by administration of a vanilloid receptor agonist(2))

After his return to Hungary, Dr. Olah started to study the so called plaque-diseases, like Alzheimer-, Parkinson-disease, or Diabetes Type II, parallel with his painkiller project. One of the main cause of the plaque-diseases is the steril inflammation that is ignited by the target proteins of Alzheimer-, Parkinson-disease, or pancreas, that proteins are prone to form plaques when their structures deform. When this happens, the immune system indentifies them as foreign objects and tries to eliminate them from the body resulting chronic inflammation. So preventing the formation of these plaques lowers the chance to develop these diseases.

Dr. Olah and Dr Bela Viskolcz worked out the most probable mechanism of plaque dissociation using computational chemistry, in 2006. Int he light of this finding those plants could be identified by the tool of bioinformatics, that contain those compounds which are able to cut up these plaque, and prevent the fromation of the plaques.

Based on this knowledge, Dr. Olah developed a mixture of herbs and spices that is able to prevent the formation of, and dissociate the already formed plaques. His original idea was to add this mixture to different food, making a special functional food, however, the current regulations donít support this idea. So, the mixture is put into a capsule that enables us to submit it into a clinical trial as soon as the monetary basis will be created.

To submit this capsule of special plant mixture to clinical trial is the main goal of the Forget-Me-Not B2B Ltd., that is planned to achieve with the help of special grants, or investors.